Appoint a Permanent Chief Medical Director-NMA Demands

The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has urged the President of Nigeria and the Minister of Health to promptly conclude the appointment of a permanent Chief Medical Director for the National Hospital Abuja, in compliance with established processes and procedures.

Dr. Charles Ugwuanyi, the Chairman of the NMA FCT Chapter, made this call during a press conference in Abuja. He emphasized that the NMA Congress is fully aware of the selection process for the new Chief Medical Director, who has been serving in an acting capacity since the previous CMD’s departure in March 2022. Ugwuanyi stressed that this step is essential to avoid any discord that could negatively impact the hospital’s smooth operation and patient care.

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Ugwuanyi further noted that the NMA FCT Chapter had become aware of an online media report on March 28, 2023, where the Board of Management of National Hospital Abuja accused the President and Minister for Health of attempting to compromise the appointment of the Chief Medical Director.

Therefore, the NMA FCT Chapter urged the President and Minister of State for Health to expedite the appointment process in the interest of the hospital’s continued growth and the provision of quality medical services to patients in Abuja, while maintaining a harmonious environment.

Additionally, Ugwuanyi demanded that the leadership of the National Association of Nigeria Nursing and Midwifery FCT Chapter offer an unreserved public apology to the NMA and Dr. Sunday Atinko for the false allegations made against him. He also asked them to use their energy and resources to correct the negative image that the allegations had created and restore Dr. Atinko’s reputation as a competent and dedicated doctor.

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Furthermore, Ugwuanyi reaffirmed the NMA’s commitment to maintaining good relationships with other healthcare professionals and opposing violence against medical practitioners. He acknowledged a previous incident involving a physical altercation between Dr. Sunday Atinko and Nurse Marvis Ebalu at the National Hospital Abuja on June 13, 2022.

He explained that the NMA had received a report from the hospital’s investigation, which cleared Dr. Atinko of all charges of physical abuse. Instead, there was a case of insubordination by Nurse Marvis Ebula. As a result, Ugwuanyi demanded that the NANNM FCT chapter issue a public apology to the NMA FCT chapter and Dr. Atinko for their actions.

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