Vaginal Cyst: 4 Causes, Removal & Treatment of Vaginal Cyst

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Hey there, welcome to this page again. Today you shall be enlightened on what is vaginal cyst and also the causes, removal and treatment of vaginal cyst so as to enhance the wellbeing of the female sex organs.

Not only is this article meant for female gender alone, it is also of great importance that male gender get to know everything about vaginal cyst so as to play safe and or help out whenever the victim of such situation is found.

Vaginal cyst has kept many ladies in distress because it is usually hard to figure out what it is. Before I proceed, let’s consider the testimony of one of my  vaginal cyst patient whom I had an encounter with some time ago.

vaginal cyst
Bartholin cyst

There came one faithful day, a lady invaded my office and narrated how she has been buying infection drugs over lump that developed at the upper layer of  her pubic region. After oral diagnoses, I discovered that she has been suffering from vaginal cyst which was unknown to her.

Good news; I have cured her with the tips that I am about to provide here!. Stay tuned and read carefully.

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What is Vaginal Cyst?

Vaginal cyst is an irregular accumulation of fluid on the vaginal wall or libra. This accumulation may be in either watery or alkaline form.

What are the Causes of Vaginal Cyst?

The outlines below explains when and how vaginal cyst develops in the female genital part:

•  Pregnancy: This is caused  as a result of Bartholin’s cyst after childbirth because fluid may accumulation when the opening of the duct becomes obstructed.

• Pelvic Infections: This usually occurs when sexually transmitted bacteria is been passed from the vagina to the uterus or Fallopian tube.

• Hormonal Imbalance: It occurs when a hump of fat between the leg develops there by causing pain, stiffness or swelling in your libra.

sitz bath

• Endometriosis: This only occurs when the line that lies in the uterus, ovaries and Fallopian tube began to grow on the aspect.

Is Vaginal Cyst an Infection?

Definition  make us to understand that vaginal cyst is an accumulation of irregular fluid on the vaginal wall or libra. This fluid at the initial accumulation is said to be infection free.

All the same, the bulge can be infected after some time which will then be considered as infection-present. At this point, it causes pain during sexual intercourse. This may also lead to vaginal dryness  and pains  during making (sex) because the vagina fails to get wet.

Treatments of Vaginal Cyst Infection

One may wonder if vagina cyst is curable. Here you are, kindly read below to see means which it can be wiped off from one’s body part through:

  1.   Through Hip Bath : This application is also called sitz bath. This is a method in which the anus is cleansed and the anal sphincter is placed on a warm water inside bow for 10-15minutes.
  2. Incision and Draining  Method: This is a surgery method by which the surgeon cuts part of the cyst and drain it to dryness.
  3. Anti-inflammatory Drugs: You can take over the counter pain killer drugs like Acetaminophen,  ibuprofen and diclofenac -potassium to substitute the discomfort.
  4. Marsupialization :  This is another system of draining Bartholin cyst. It is not recommendable for usage as the first-line treatment. This measure can be used whenever:
  • cyst keep recurring
  • you get cysts that become infected and obsessed, which can cause pain and fever.
  • you currently don’t have an abscess.
  • you’re in a lot of pain.

Adequate Measures for the Removal of Bartholin Cyst

Vaginal cyst can also be referred to as Bartholin cyst and it can be removed through:

  • Surgery
  • he application of  draining  method but if the mouth of the cut keeps restoring fluid after draining method is carried out, the physician applies a method called Bartholin marsupialization.

What is Bartholin Marsupialization?

Bartholin marsupialization is the method of removing infected vaginal cyst. This removal is been done by carrying out surgery. And the cut is sutured in an open way like hole so that the fluid will pass easily for quicker growth.

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