Hepatitis B: Causes, Symptoms and Cure of Australian Hepatitis B

Originally posted on January 8, 2022 @ 2:12 pm

Have you ever  wondered why you continuously feel dizzy? For one time or the other do you not bother about what is Australian Hepatitis B and possibly the hepatitis B cure? Why is it that whenever you go for typhoid, widal and malaria test (diagnosis) you always found out that your typhoid is high despite the fact  you do receive treatment after  the diagnosis from your doctor ?

    Why are you not baffled on how often you treat widals (typhoid or paratyphoid) on almost 14days intervals? Are you beginning to suspect your doctor for not been administering a proper medication to your helmet or diseases. Aren’t you scared on the long durations of same test results you’ve been hearing from your doctor and you’ve began to suspect your family members for been responsible behind your catastrophe which has kept you in muddle state.

Hepatitis B patient

  Did you know that it’s not advisable to repeat typhoid and malaria tablets until minimum of two months intervals talk more of the treatment from a qualified health practitioner? Are you gradually becoming a drug addict because you think that  you are not gonna survive without been in life time medication?

 Hmmm! take two tablets of analgesic (paracetamol) and relax your mind as you listen to the testimony of my patient’s after having an encounter with me.

   A lady came to me with her eye flooding with tears and said; Doctor, I’m tired of this life, I want to die. In fact I wish ground could open and swallow me up because I’m fed up of my illness. Then I asked her what could have pushed her to the wall that has made her to choose death over life and she said; I have been to many hospitals for test  (diagnosis) and results always tells me that I’m typhoid and malaria positive with high level even after receiving the treatment it still persists. Hnmm then I calm her and recommend her to go for Australian hepatitis B test which she did  and behold she was positive.

 That was when I tell her to wipe her tears that her helmet is over since the major cause of her sickness has been detected and she did as  I said.

 Do you know what; she’s now back to her feet after taking the drugs that Solutionsground recommended for her accompanied with the principal which I’m about to review to you here! Stay tuned .

  But before I forge ahead let’s consider the following points:

  • What is Australian hepatitis B
  • What are the symptoms of hepatitis
  • Hepatitis B transmission
  • Is there a Vaccine for Australian hepatitis B
  • Can hepatitis B be cured?
  • What are the cure for hepatitis B
  • Chronic hepatitis B Hepatitis B vaccine for babies

What Is Australian hepatitis B?

Australian hepatitis B is an immune virus which can only be  transmitted through blood. Virus is liable to affect every path of your organ.

What are the Symptoms of Hepatitis B

Having known what is hepatitis and the areas that gets affected the most, let’s quickly look at the symptoms through which you can detect by the following keys below:

Symptoms of Hepatitis B
  1. Constant headache; this could cause  you a constant severe headache which when went for diagnosis always detect high level of Widal
  2. Weakness of the bone; this is one of the reason why you can’t work out in just 5 minute without having a serious body and bone weaknesses
  3. Hypersensitive; this is  why you hate  so many things with no reason even your fellow human being because your never comfortable or happy all time.
  4. High Cholesterol ; In every fatty diet you ingest, instead of the  diet to work by refreshing your skin it makes you grow fat in your body there by making you have internal heat problems because your organs can no longer function well by carrying it’s duty.
  5. Aging; have you ever wondered why 18years old with glowing skin suddenly began to look like 35 years old because he/ she has lost comfort. This could be caused by hepatitis B

   Hepatitis B Transmission

There are so many ways in which hepatitis B can be transmitted but the following outline are the major ways:  

  1. Transmission through sexual intercourse                          
  2. Through the use of infected objects
  3. Through the exposure of bruises on an infected area.
  4. Through the means of  shearing sharp object like razor blade and clipper.

Is there a Vaccine for Australian hepatitis B?

Yes, there is a vaccine for hepatitis B but regardless of vaccine, you can also prevent yourself from the disease through the following means;

  •  Avoid having unprotected sex with an infected person or partner with this means you are a bit secured.
  • Through the means of using Prevention vaccine called Recombivax HB (brand name) tell your health professional to inject you for prevention purposes.
  • Always cover you bruises or injuries with adhesive or bandages to avoid contamination.

Can Australian Hepatitis B be Cured?

Research has shown that Australian hepatitis A, C, D and E can Easily be cured with an effective and trusted capsule called Livolin forte and Australian hepatitis B can also be cured within the range of 50-50 or the patients will be placed on lifetime medication to subside the symptoms.

What are the Cure for Hepatitis B

The good news about medical line  is that when other researchers stops, that is where  another  researcher continues.

A herbal supplement company that has cured over a thousand hepatitis B patients with great patients feed back has got you covered. Click Here! to purchase the product.

What to know about Chronic Hepatitis B

we have  many types of Australian hepatitis Which are as follows A B C D and E with this many are severe which are mainly considered as cure-able ones while few are chronic depending on the duration.

Hepatitis B is referred to as chronic among all because it is highly contagious and deadly.

Hepatitis B Vaccine for Newborns

Research  shows that over %85 of new born babies whose mother is hepatitis B positive is at high risk to this  deadly contagious disease. so you are advised to give your baby a birth dose. This will work by killing the disease at birth.

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