Is Drinking My Wife’s Milk Halal? Why You Should or Not Suck Your Partner’s Breast

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Does it sound sinister to hear that adult male suck their wife’s breast milk? Have you ever sucked your wife’s milk? Do you think of sucking your partner’s breast milk? How much do you ponder on the question, “Is drinking my wife’s milk halal?”

Here you’re going to get both public opinion and health clarity to your question of is drinking my wife’s milk halal? Kindly read through this page to get the categorized meaning to factoring the real truth over adult male sucking their partner’s breast milk being healthy, decorous or not.

What Does “Halal” Mean?

I guessed you wondered why the term halal was used instead of healthy or unhealthy. Right? Ok. So, I wish to clearly explain to you why I used halal instead of other choice of words you intended seeking for. All the same, this article will give you full clarity to the things you ought to know about “Is drinking my wife’s milk halal?”

Halal is an Arabic term for ” allowable” or best put it ” permissible” with regard to food. That is to say that halal refers to food that is permitted by the Islamic law. Food that are not permitted are commonly called “Haram”

Example of food that is Haram is pork meat. The Muslims don’t eat pork meat because they termed it dirty and so classified it under Haram.

However, considering halal with sucking of Breast by adult male in questions, is out of different dimensions at which people understand it.

Those who take part in sucking their partner’s breast take it halal while some are considering it sinister and thereby regarding it Haram.

All the same, check out the questions below and common answers given to it by people in Quora.

Is Drinking My Wife’s Milk Halal?

Here are recent opinions by some Muslims from survey carried out by team leaders.

According to Torrent X,

By the way, it is 100 percent halal. Some people believe that since your wife used to be your mother, drinking her milk will result in your divorce, but that is utterly false.

The only two ways you can become a woman’s child are if she gave birth to you or if she breastfed you before you turned two.

Drinking my wife's milk halal
Adult male sucking breast

Meaning that if you are having sex with your wife and she breastfeeds you or you suck her breasts until milk comes out, you can drink and it is halal. The only known time and place to be haram is when you are with someone who is pregnant.

  • anal sex as anal sex is forbidden in Islam
  • during her period (also haram)
  • sex while fasting (also haram)
  • when performing the hajj, sex is absolutely prohibited while performing the hajj.

Not every sort of rest sex is haram. As long as both parties consent, you can have sex anyway you want, and it’s not forbidden by Islam.

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When your wife is nursing the child, is it improper to suck breast milk?

Here are the commonest replies that we got when we asked the question.

  1. Madam Angel said: I don’t think sucking breast milk is wrong (as long as you are not stealing the baby’s food supply) – but to do it while she is breastfeeding the baby is kind of disturbing in my opinion. Fetish sexual behavior, while perfectly normal and healthy, should not be performed around children, even infants. And not to mention, the mother has an important job that that moment, which is feeding and bonding with the baby. My advice is to wait your turn.
  2. Sean Griffin said: Even if I might be stepping out on a limb, it’s not wrong. If you and your wife are okay with it, rock on even though I wouldn’t. Just make sure the baby has plenty! The only potential problem, in all seriousness, is that you might aggravate any pain or sensitivity your wife’s breasts may acquire or already have from breastfeeding. Who am I to judge if you and your partner are OK with it? Sure, some people may find it disgusting, strange, or whatever; I certainly do.
  3. Sacha Delaney said: Most likely not at the same time as the newborn. Absolutely nothing wrong. I truly want my boyfriend to drink my breast milk, but I am unable to produce any due to the fact that I have never had children. He first developed the taste for it after sucking on a heavily pregnant girl’s tits in a bar.
  4. Sarah Hendricks said: Breastfeeding helps the mother and child form bonds in large part. With you sucking her other breast, I find it a little difficult to imagine mom being able to give her kid the attention they require. Additionally, your head and shoulders will get in the way as you try to coil the baby across her body securely. It would be awkward, in my opinion, which would restrict the amount of time that the mother and child would spend together. I can picture a man sipping on breast milk to sample it and possibly even suckling to get the freshest milk possible. I have tasted my own breast milk, though, and it was pretty sweet and not exactly anything I would want to eat. I don’t think it’s really about the milk for you; I think it’s more of a sexual thing, so if you’re going to do it, I think you should do it when the baby isn’t around. Additionally, check with your wife to make sure she’s okay with it because the more milk you take from her, the more she’ll produce. Without even mentioning any potential roughness from your teeth or even your beard, she can wind up with incredibly big breasts if you’re a heavy feeder, which can be very painful. It sounds like you’re using her, so I kind of feel bad for her, but if she’s okay with it, that’s your and her business. Oh, and make sure you aren’t consistently sucking from the same breast. You’ll probably be consuming more milk than the infant, and if you consistently nurse from the same breast, that breast will enlarge as a result of generating more milk, which could result in an odd appearance for the child.
  5. Kaity Lynn said: Nothing about it would be unsafe, despite the fact that some people might find it unusual. It might even be advantageous to the mother as a safeguard against engorgement. Breast milk contains nothing that an adult would find harmful to drink.
Drinking  my wife's  milk halal
Drinking of wife’s milk

Is there Evidence to Back Up Answers to “Is Drinking My Wife’s Milk Halal?”

The sole thing that the Holy Quran forbids and declares to be Haram is;

Apart from the aforementioned, there is no definite Ayat about any restrictions on a couple’s physical relationship.

Qur’an says in a verse;

Your wives are your fields; you can enter them however you like.
When a husband calls a lady for love, she must comply or the angels will curse her all night, regardless of whether she is ill or not.

Holy Qur’an

Contrarily, there is no Ayat that forbids drinking milk from the wife’s breasts.

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Some Islamic scholars cite a Hadith that Hazrat Aysha R.A. cited, according to which breastfeeding an adult creates a mahram relationship. However, Sahaba Ikram later acknowledged that “Such was intended for Hazarat Ayesha R.A. particularly for that occasion.

The Qur’an says”

When breastfed until age 2, when milk is the only source of nutrition, the mahram relationship is formed.
Therefore, having a breast after the age of two does not establish a mahram relationship.

Holy Qur’an

Therefore, everything a couple does is a personal affair in their life. Religious prohibitions on enjoying a spouse’s breast or drinking her breastmilk do not exist.


This page center majorly on health and wellbeing of individuals. Therefore, the answers above are religiously based. Finally, the right answer to is drinking my wife’s milk halal is that there’s absolutely no side affect associated with it healthily. It is morally unacceptable to some people.

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This article is meant for informational purposes. Whatever is stated here are gotten from researches made over time. But it is worthy to note that physiological and or pathological changes can occur in the processes. Do well by visiting a qualified doctor nearby your area before taking into action whatever you might’ve learnt from this page.

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