Kidney Stone Surgery: How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones Easily

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 I learnt about how so many people have had tragic occurrences about kidney stones which has kept them in a state of dilemma.  While many has also witnessed the death of their loved ones, family and friends due to inability to detect it in time and provide adequate health care to it.  So, the good news is that you are about to get vital information about kidney stone surgery and how to get rid of kidney stones.

 In this article; I urge you to take a glass of red wine and stay tuned. Read carefully, as you are about to know the hidden fact and the spiritual rea which will eliminate the phobia of the death of loved ones, family and friends because I’m about to provide an everlasting solution to it.

  But before I proceed, I guess you would like to know and understand what kidney is all about and its location as well as the functions in our body.

  What is a Kidney? 

Kidney is an organ that works as a filter in every diet we ingest. The structure of kidney is beans-shaped like and also helps us to excrete an unwanted residues. It is located at the lower side of the rib cage. There are many functions of kidney in the human body. Basically:

It works as a filter

It helps us to excrete residue.

Meditating on the above mentioned on getting to know what Kidney is all about, it’s location and functions in our body; let’s proceed to the major business by considering the following:

  • What is Kidney stone (KS?)
  • What are the Causes of kidney stone?
  • What are the treatments of kidney stone?
  • How to prevent kidney Stone

What is Kidney Stone?

Kidney stone is simply the remains, toxins or residues that is found  in the kidney after excretion and filtration process has taken place in the organ.

What are the Causes of Kidney Stone?

There are many occurrences that causes kidney stone but the major ones are what I’m about to list below:

  • Smoking
  •  Alcohol consumption (ethanol) base
  • Dehydration
  •  Kidney failure
  • Australian Hepatitis B .
  • Drug abuse (addiction).
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) etc.
Discharged Kidney stone patient
Discharged kidney stone patient

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  How to Get Rid of Kidney Stone

Depending on the duration;  in every helmet, sicknesses or diseases, there are always  levels  at which they  are classified as being severe or chronic and it can only be detected through diagnosis. After the diagnostic tests, the physician will detect the level at which the sickness is and administer the proper medication for it.

   Before we talk about kidney stone surgery, the following are superb drug prescriptions that goes in line with the diagnostic results:

How to Undergo Kidney Stone Surgery

Kidney stone surgery is a medical process of removing affected part of the kidney. It is an act of cleansing the kidney thereby removing toxic particles that hooked around it.

How does one Know When to Undergo Kidney Stone Surgery?

If you are a patient of kidney stone and wonders about when to get rid of it through surgery, you’re due for the surgery if urine:

  • is too large to pass and gets stuck in your urethra, or does not pass for another reason,
  • causes too much pain on you,
  • affects the functions of your kidney, or
  • Leads to infection.

How to Prepare for Kidney Stone Surgery/Removal

As a patient diagnosed of kidney stone, it is expected of you to:

  • Stop smoking (If you smokes) especially in advance to the surgery.
  • Stop taking some medications that can make it difficult for your blood to clot, such as blood thinners like Coumadin, Plavix, Xarellto, and the like.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight prior to your surgery.
  • Ensure that you have someone to drive you home after your procedure.
Kidney stone surgery
Doctor attending to kidney stone patient

How to Prevent Kidney Stone

There are many ways in which kidney stone can be prevented medically but consider using your hand by applying a method called “Self Disciplinary Method (SDM)”.  Prevention is said to be better than cure and it’s nothing but the truth.

However, prevent yourself from kidney stone with the following life disciplinary acts and teachings:

  1. World Health Organization (WHO) warns that smokers are liable to die young and you still go on smoking? Did you know that a stick of cigarette is enough to send you to an earlier grave and you keeps consuming over a packet of it daily added to marijuana and you think it’s life? While the living keeps accusing an innocent person for been responsible for their  death not knowing that they are the ones that brought their doom. So, desist from that disastrous act now for the healthy essence of your kidney because it kills rapidly than you can ever imagine;  stop smoking.
  2. I know you might have heard people saying that water is life and you took it as a mere speech or joke? Remember that where there is joke that’s where real truth or knowledge prevails. So, drink at least eight glasses of water daily (24hrs) it helps the organ to filter toxins or residue.
  3. Avoid unhealthy alcohol consumption especially (ethanol base). I know you’ll be wandering what I meant when I say unhealthy alcohol. Unhealthy alcohol consumption are harmful to our health especially ethanol based ones it damages your kidneys.
  4. Embrace natural diet like fruit and vegetables:  Its quite unfortunate that we live in a world where farmers uses fertilizer (inorganic manure) to cultivate crops and vegetables for human consumption but remember to look for natural made ones it’s always costlier but you can’t compare your life with money.
  5. Avoid eating late at night: It affects the digestive organ, in most part of the world; eating late before bed has become their habit that’s why the end up having inadequate digestions. Remember that digestion still takes place while one sleeps there by letting the digestive organ to rest with in-completed digesting process.  This leaves some particles in the kidney and so, causes kidney stone.
  6. Avoid Unhealthy Diet:  It is not everything you see that you ingest, try ingesting healthy food because almost every diet has a living organism in it called bacteria so be observable.
  7. Be health nut:  Remember that system differs, so been health nut will make you free from many disorders. Try and study what suits your system and adapt  to it.

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