Natural Ways to Choose the Sex of Your Baby

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Do you want to start a family and have your heart set on a child (children)? While admitting to having a preference for the sex of your unborn child may sound taboo, it’s perfectly acceptable not to disclose your fantasies. In this article, which is based on sex selection, you will get to know the natural ways to choose the sex of your baby.

You may have heard tales about ways to choose the sex of your baby if you haven’t yet conceived. Maybe you’ve just begun looking for ways to help you have a son. What are some possible options? Is there a difference between some and others in terms of effectiveness?

The criteria for choosing the sex of your baby vary due to the fact that the techniques for choosing a girl differ from how to choose a baby boy. Here you will get the natural techniques with which you’ll achieve your goal.

Natural Ways to Choose the Sex of Your Baby (Boy)

You may wonder if there is 100% effectiveness to choosing a baby boy?

Before we go any further, I’d want to emphasize that when I discuss a baby’s sex in this article, I am just talking about the baby’s chromosomes, specifically the XY combination that is considered male.

As a result, “Sex” is determined by the sperm contributing a Y and the egg giving an X.

No, there isn’t a foolproof strategy to increase your odds of having a son. There are no assurances when it comes to the sex of your baby unless you medically implant a known-to-be-a-boy embryo.

When things are left to nature, there is about a 50/50 chance of having a boy or girl. It all boils down to one sperm winning the race, and there are millions of them.

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That’s where the concept of influencing your future child’s sex enters the picture. Some say that you can change the odds in favor of male sperm by employing timing, posture, diet, and other techniques.

Surprisingly, according to a 2008 research of 927 family trees, the father may play a role in determining whether you have boys or girls in multiple ways. Not only can chromosomes in sperm determine the baby’s gender, but some dads may be genetically predisposed to have more boys or girls.

According to this study, guys may inherit a tendency to have more boys or girls from their parents, which could indicate that certain men create more Y or X-chromosomal sperm. As a result, having more brothers increases the likelihood of having more sons.

What are some things you can do to improve your chances of having a boy?

There are tips that some parents may tell you worked for them if you absolutely desire a son. None of these suggestions have been scientifically shown to have positive effects, yet people try them in the hopes of increasing their chances of success. They include:

  1. Diet

To begin, think about what you’re consuming while trying to get pregnant. While this theory hasn’t been thoroughly researched or proven (so take these claims with a grain of salt), researchers observed a link between eating more calories and having a boy according to study in 2008 which made up of 740 women.

This isn’t to say that when you try to conceive, you should eat a lot more food and snack all day. Keep in mind that good eating habits now (whole foods, fruits and vegetables, low-sugar snacks) can help you maintain a healthy calorie intake when pregnant.

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Potassium intake was also higher in the women who participated in the study. (Are you looking for a way to increase your potassium intake? Bananas, sweet potatoes, and white beans are some of the best options.)

“Women who have male infants eat more breakfast cereal than women who have female infants,” according to the study. So go ahead and make a bowl for yourself.

2. The Shettles Method

A conception plan known as the Shettles technique, devised by Landrum B. Shettles about 1960, is another idea for increasing your odds of having a boy.

Shettles looked at sperm to see what factors could affect sperm speed. (After all, the gender of an egg is determined by the sperm that wins the race and fertilizes it.) He looked at intercourse time, postures, and bodily fluid pH to see if any of these factors influenced gender.

The Shettles method’s main points are as follows:

  • ovulation sex (sex close to ovulation period)
  • Sperm were placed near to the cervix in locations that allowed for deep penetration.
  • In the vaginal alkaline environment
  • First, there’s the orgasming woman (when the woman has orgasm before the man).

Is the Shettles approach truly effective?

It all depends on whoever you ask. In the latest edition of his book, Shettles claims that his approach has a 75 percent success rate, and many people claim to have successfully conceived a boy or girl with it.

However, some older data suggests that sex 2 to 3 days after ovulation may not result in pregnancy. Another (also dated) study claimed that the form differences between the X and Y chromosomes aren’t as significant as Shettles thought.

Natural Ways to Choose the Sex of Your Baby Girl

If you’re looking for a girl, then you’ve come to the right place. In essence, the advice is the polar opposite of the natural way to choose your baby boy. Just as it is with choosing a baby boy naturally, there are two ways to arrive at that. They include:

  1. Diet

For one to conceive a boy, it is expected of the woman to eat a lot of cereal foods. However, to conceive a girl, taking fewer cereal crops or food can enhance the chances.

2. Shettles Method

Shettles recommends having sex earlier in the menstrual cycle and abstaining in the days leading up to and following ovulation in order to increase your chances of getting a girl. Couples should start having intercourse after menstruation and end it at least 3 days before ovulation.

The ideal sexual position for conceiving a female, according to Shettles, is one that allows shallow penetration. This refers to missionary or face-to-face sex, which, according to Shettles, forces sperm to travel further in the vaginal acidic environment, favoring female sperm.

Shettles recommends using a douche made from 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 1 quart of water to increase the acidity in the equation and favor the female sperm. To be most effective, the douche should be used every time a couple has sex. (Again, consult your physician before trying this particular douche.)

For orgasm, the approach recommends that a woman delay climax until after the male has ejaculated to prevent contributing extra alkalinity to the surroundings.

Is Shettles’ Approach Effective?

Many people will claim that the strategy worked for them, but is this supported by science?

One blogger, Mama Natural’s Genevieve Howland, claims that the Shettles method helped her sway a girl during her second pregnancy. She and her husband had intercourse three days before ovulation and had a girl as a result. She goes on to say that with her first pregnancy, they had sex immediately before ovulation and produced a boy as a result.

Aside from this one case study, Shettles believes that the current edition of his book has a 75 percent success rate.

A boy and a girl

However, not all scientists feel that the situation is so clear-cut.

Indeed, Shettles’ claims are refuted by a 1991 study review, Trusted Source. Researchers included the timing of sexual intercourse as well as ovulation signals such as basal body temperature shift and peak cervical mucus in those studies.

Male babies were conceived in lower numbers at peak ovulation, according to the study. Male babies were instead conceived in “excess” 3 to 4 days before ovulation, and in some cases 2 to 3 days after.

A more recent study published in 2001, Trusted Source, refutes Shettles’ claim that X- and Y-containing sperm are formed differently. Furthermore, according to a 1995 study, sex two or three days following ovulation does not always result in pregnancy.

Experts advise having sex every other day to every other day if you’re trying to conceive, especially around ovulation. If you haven’t become pregnant after a year (or sooner if you’re over 35), schedule an appointment with your doctor.

If you have your heart set on a girl or boy, the Shettles approach won’t hurt — but it will likely lengthen the time it takes to get pregnant. You’ll need to be aware of when you ovulate and, more significantly, mentally prepared if your attempts fail.

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This article is meant for informational purposes. Whatever is stated here are gotten from researches made over time. But it is worthy to note that physiological and or pathological changes can occur in the processes. Do well by visiting a qualified doctor nearby your area before taking into action whatever you might’ve learnt from this page.

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