What is Exercise?| Types of Exercise and their Major Roles

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Exercises and home workout has resuscitated many disfigured shapes and kept them in the amazing shape that they have wished to have. Have you not wondered about what is exercise, the types of exercise and their major roles?

Are you looking forward to gaining good shape and don’t know how to go about it? Have you been intimidated with a flat tummy and you want to be among one? Oh, you are looking forward to having a six-pack and you don’t know how to go about it? 

If you have been facing the above-mentioned challenges, you don’t have to be bothered anymore because Solutionsground got you covered. 

Before I proceed let us consider knowing the definition of exercise.

Running exercise

What is Exercise? 

Exercise is a body movement that enables us to gain or lose weight and improve good body morphology and also helps us to maintain good health like normal heart rate and good body statures. 

Types of Exercises?

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There are many types of exercise which can enable us to maintain fitness and they are as follows.

  • Running exercise 
  • Walking exercise
  • Aquatic exercise 
  • Boxing exercise 
  • Jumping exercise 
  • Jumping jack exercise 
  • Cobra stretch exercise 
  • Incline push-up exercise 
  • Push up exercise 
  • Jogging exercise 
  • Circuit training exercise 
  • Anaerobic exercise 
  • Endurance training exercise 
  • Biceps curl exercise 
  • Elliptical exercise
  • Burpee exercise 
  • Calisthenics exercise 
  • Dance exercise 
  • Hiking exercise 
  • Sexual exercise 
  • Skipping exercise 
  • Interval training 

The Types of Exercise and their Major Roles

Types of exercise
  1. Running exercise: This is an exercise that helps us to improve and maintain our heart rate and it also helps us to reduce stress by keeping our arthritis in a good health.
  2. Walking exercise: This exercise is semi-equivalent to running exercise but the pressure application of walking exercise is lesser than that of running exercise and it also helps to reduce stress and normalize arthritis.
  3. Aquatic exercise: This particular exercise has to do with water, it is a workout that helps us to develop good muscle when resisting the water to enable us to move forward. When trying to resist the water, it also helps us to maintain superb heart rate. This exercise can also be considered as fun because it doesn’t demand much strength before it can be carried out but it’s highly skillful.
    • For security purposes, you are not advised to carry out this exercise without supervision from swimmers expert
  4. Boxing exercise: This exercise is an expertise-based type, it helps us to free our wrist from stiffness and also helps our elbow to move freely at every given time. Boxing exercise is also good by blending us to know how to stand with toes in a good position.
    • Note: this exercise as I said earlier is a professional-based exercise so you are not allowed or advised to perform it without boxers’ supervision and guidance.
  5. Jumping exercise: By jumping, you lift your whole body continuously either in a rotational, linearly, horizontally, or vertical way.
    • This exercise helps you to burn calories, cholesterol, and excess accumulation of lipid in your body.
  6. Jumping jack exercise: This is an exercise of the hand, leg, and body, you start by spreading your two legs followed by raising your two hands up and then lifting your body as you jump with both legs closed and your hands uniformly placed on your laps.
    • This exercise, in particular, is mainly regarded as a warm-up exercise and it usually lasts for 20sec above.
  7. Cobra stretch exercise: This is an exercise of the hand, chest, waist, and back. You start by lying flat on the floor either on a clean sheet or ordinary well-leveled ground. Placing your two hands on your front in a closed way with your face-up and your waist on the floor then you raise your chest and back exerting cobra position like when it is ready to fight or bite
    1. . This exercise helps you to relieve waist, chest, and back pain. 
  8. Incline push-up exercise: This is an exercise that consists of both the hands and legs. You start by going on your knees, then place your two hands on your front, exert a bicycle-like position and start walking in a stationary motion.
    • This exercise helps you to reduce muscle pull.
  9. Push-up exercise: This is a linear-like exercise, you lie straight on the floor and lift your whole body with your hands and toes as you go up and come down with the support of your hand and toe. This will help you to keep feet and gain extra muscle.
  10. Jogging exercise: This is an exercise that helps you to reduce your sugar level through sweat. 
  11. Circuit training exercise: This training exercise comprises over six different or the same exercise in one. It is one after the other exercise with time spacing from the initial one to the other. It is said to be one circuit when the total circles have been accomplished. 
  12. Anaerobic exercise: The word anaerobic means “without oxygen”. It is the type of exercise that breaks glucose without oxygen.
  13. Endurance exercise: This exercise has to do with a strong mind and body because you’ll lift a heavy object and hold it for a long period to enable instant muscle development. Your body will be able to withstand bruises, dislocation, and trauma. 
  14. Bicep curls exercise: This is primarily used to determine the number of training exercises and weight gain.
  15. Elliptical exercise: This exercise is been carried out using the elliptical machine. It’s more or less like jogging and running exercise but it is more advisable for people with arthritis who find it difficult to jog or run.
  16. Burpee exercise: This exercise is like a push-up but it has additional stand support. It also helps to gain strength and stamina.
  17. Calisthenics exercise: This is a rhythmical exercise with minimal equipment as a bodyweight enhancer. This exercise is been performed in various ways either by standing, sitting, lying on an object, or even horizontal position stand.
    • It is strictly a good body weight enhancer.
  18. Dance exercise: This is a fun exercise that helps us to maintain a good heart and burn a huge amount of calories in just 20-30 minutes of exercise. This is the same as jogging but it’s been performed fun-fully.
  19. Hiking exercise: This workout is performed on the hill by walking up and down the hill, this helps to increase our heart rate in other to prevent the risk of various heart diseases like low blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.
  20. Sexual exercise: This particular exercise enables brain relaxation, it increases heart rate and also increases physical strength to carry out duties and it also helps us to maintain good health.
    • Research shows that those who have early morning sex can fight the risk of cancer. 
  21. Skipping exercise: This exercise is performed using skipping rope, it is a whole-body exercise. It is been done by jumping in a stationary motion with the rope going over your head and beneath your feet. It can be done by oneself or in three’s. 
  22. Interval exercise: This is a high-intensity exercise with a great relief that is mostly done fun-full. Examples are: bicycle riding, motorcycle riding, etc.

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Types of exercise and their major roles as explained above will help individuals grow healthy and strong. Every human being should consider what is exercise and the type of exercise suitable for them. Making a choice of exercise can be aided through this article.

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